953 Caterpillar


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Case Diametre



Swiss Quartz (RONDA 762E)


2 Hands


Stainless Steel, Case Body Set with 236 Natural Diamonds / Bezel Set with 252 Natural White Diamonds and 36 Natural Black Diamonds


Stainless Steel, Set with 1 Natural Sapphire Stone


Set with 4 Natural Diamonds, White Mother-of-Pearl



Bracelet / Strap

Fuchsia Leather Strap

Water Resistant



Stainless Steel Pendant, Set with 425 Natural Diamonds

Total Carats

953pcs. of Natural Diamonds (Appx 2.44Cts), 1pc. of Natural Sapphire Stone (Appx. 0.07Cts)

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Light bursts into brilliant perfection. Luminous Radiance.

Bold Audacity. Liberated Self.

And pride was the reflection to it all.

Like light, broken into perfection by precious diamonds, a woman’s radiance shines the brightest when accentuated by the pride of self-worth. Being royal to herself, the modern woman of today is inspired by her own dreams, and by the woman she aspired to be. Daring, yet elegant. Carefree, yet determined. Audacious, yet humble. An ensemble of royal attributes within a modern interpretation of femininity.

Inspired by the strong women of today, and by the person they dream to become, BIJOUMONTRE marries the striking brilliance of carat diamonds with the shimmering refinement of nacre in the Carat Diamond Collection. Further accentuated through impeccable shapes, each watch embodies the diverse character of a woman’s soul, while the majestic aura of time is highlighted by the royal-blue hands of each watch.

The Carat Diamond Collection of BIJOUMONTRE upholds the brand’s awe for the strength and the independence of women; a dazzling homage to the royal spirit and regal charm every woman naturally captures within her soul.

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