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Case Diametre



Swiss Quartz (ETA E01.701)


2 Hands


Stainless Steel, Inner Ring Set with 37 Natural Diamonds, Lugs Set with 16 Natural Diamonds, Miniature Iris Set with 8 Natural Amethyst & 16 Natural Diamonds, Outer Ring Set with 82 Natural Amethyst

Middle Ring

4 Natural Amethyst & 3 Natural Pink Sapphire, Engraved Mother-of-Pearl Iris Set with 40 Natural Diamonds


White Mother-of-Pearl



Bracelet / Strap

Light Purple Leather Strap

Water Resistant


Total Carats

72pcs. of Natural Diamonds (Appx. 0.27Cts), 94pcs. of Natural Amethyst & 3pcs. of Natural Pink Sapphire (Appx. 0.68Cts)


Additional Stainless Steel Outer Ring

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The wind plays with my hair, as I wander the world in search of new marvels. The souvenirs I take are the kisses of sunshine and the touch of wind, petals of flowers of the countries I visited lie on my soul like everlasting dreams.

The countries we visit leave impressions on our mind, which grow into beautiful dreams of past wonders. The tastes of foreign cuisine leave us tingling for more. The touch of exquisite silk imprints exotic tenderness on our skin. The flowers we see throughout our journey lay on our soul, like a beautiful blanket of petals, forever to be a reminder of nature’s beauty.

Our new Around the World Collection cherishes the dreams of adventure to some of our favorite travel destinations. BIJOUMONTRE pays homage to them by ornamenting our watches with flowers symbolizing the national culture of these countries. These flowery Charms are carefully crafted with mother-of-pearl and sets of radiant colored sapphires and natural diamonds. Furthermore, precious leather adds a premium feel to the overall aesthetic.

The rich diversity of culture is materialized through the five strong colorways, one for each country, which let you find the perfect match for your own inner color.

What is your favorite travel destination going to be? Switzerland, France, Italy, China or Japan. You choose your favorite!

This year, BIJOUMONTRE and the Around the World Collection are the floral memories of these special adventures you will embark on.

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