Secret Garden



Spring, Early Summer, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Lotus Embroidery, Camellia Embroidery, Peach Blossom Embroidery, Apricot Blossom Embroidery

Charms for Secret Garden watches

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Nature and time – both are beautiful compositions of constant change and reencountered beauty; never repetitive, always astonishing. BIJOUMONTRE, uses this poetic imagery, materialized through the four seasons of mother nature, in its Secret Charms Selection for the Secret Garden Collection.

Through the collections innovative interchangeable Charm mechanism, BIJOUMONTRE brings the change of seasons to life, within the beautiful complication of a watch bezel. The Secret Charms create an intimate space between nature and time, a space between a woman’s dreams and the world she grew up in.

BIJOUMONTRE dedicates each Secret Charm to a season and thus evokes a unique imagery of spring, summer, autumn and winter by the use of impeccable craftsmanship and refined designs.

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