Secret Garden – Jungle
Middle Charm



Toucan Day Charm, Flamingo Day Charm, Flamingo Night Charm, Lovebird Day Charm, Lovebird Night Charm, Kingfisher Day Charm, Kingfisher Night Charm, Toucan Night Charm

Charms for Secret Garden – Jungle watches

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Each watch of the new BIJOUMONTRE Secret Garden collection has a prominent imagery of a gracious bird as its design centerpiece within the watch dial. Each bird represents one distinct brand value, which BIJOUMONTRE stands for.

As part of the innovative BIJOUMONTRE Charms, interchangeable components of its watches, this season there are two outstanding themes available – one Day and one Night Charm, manifesting the multifaceted personality of women. As women are lively and charming during the day, and elegant and mysterious during night time, the Charms represent the ways women can dress and change for every occasion throughout the day.

The new Secret Charms have a new mechanism, which allows for an even easier interchange by gently pushing the Charm out of the watch dial and exchanging it within seconds. Same as before, the strap of the watch is interchangeable, too. These straps are also compatible to the recently released new Around the World collection and its straps.

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