Switzerland Matterhorn / Kapellbrücke


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Case Diametre



Swiss Quartz (ETA E01.701)


2 Hands


Stainless Steel, Inner Ring Set with 35 Natural Diamonds, Lugs Set with 24 Natural Diamonds, Mother-of-Pearl Outer Ring Set with 60 Natural Diamonds

Middle Ring

Switzerland Matterhorn and Kapellbrücke Icon Charm Set with 35 Natural Diamonds, Etched Filled with Natural Color Stone Powder of Matterhorn (with certificate) and Natural Color Brick Powder of Kapellbrücke (with certificate), Mother of Pearl, Stainless Steel


White Mother-of-Pearl



Bracelet / Strap

Light Blue Leather Strap

Water Resistant


Total Carats

154pcs. (Appx. 0.51Cts)

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A spark of curiosity, a flare of desire; an impulse of leaving, a wish to explore. The small breeze which makes us set sail, leads to grand adventures. The dreams of yesterday are the promises of tomorrow.

Embark, go travel, around the world, to where your heart takes you.

The early stories of Jules Vernes have explored the wonder of travelling the world. “Around the World in Eighty Days” stands as a prime example of the marvels of exploration. When discovering the world, one passes by the most astounding monuments, each representing the beauty and character of the country they were erected in. Epochal in significance, unparalleled in magnificence.

BIJOUMONTRE captures this very spirit by putting some of the world’s most iconic landmarks into the reach of your hand. Timelessly spinning in a beautifully diamond-embedded watch bezel. Each piece tells a unique story. As such the Around the World Collection is an everlasting reminiscence of the beauty of exploration.

The Around the World Collection takes you on a journey, no matter where you are. A journey, which starts with the sparkle of diamonds, and will never be forgotten due to the timeless, playful designs of BIJOUMONTRE. Let your BIJOUMONTRE watch be your compass to guide you towards new aspiring heights and go travel “Around the World”.

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