Early Summer


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Case Diametre



Swiss Quartz (RONDA 1042)


2 Hands


Stainless Steel, Set with 70 Natural Diamonds

Exchangeable Piece

Butterflies Pattern Set with 3 Natural Diamonds and 45 Natural Topaz Stones, Mother-of-Pearl


Stainless Steel, Set with 1 Natural Topaz Stone


White Mother-of-Pearl Set with 1 Natural Diamond



Bracelet / Strap

Blue Leather Strap

Water Resistant


Total Carats

46pcs. of Natural Topaz Stones (Appx. 0.37Cts), 74pcs. of Natural Diamonds (Appx. 0.36Cts)

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A butterfly’s first gentle leap aloft — evoked admiration of unfolded beauty.

A morning’s precious drop of dew — reflection of our soul in fragile brilliance.

Our memories like flowers in eternal bloom — a beautiful reminder of elusive scent.

Like the spirit of mother nature, a woman’s soul is also defined by strength and fragility, balance and change, rigidness and softness. A bead of fantasy, a splash of color, a hint of allurement. Our soul is like a secret garden, complex and manifold, nourishing the beauty of our existence.

The Secret Garden Collection brings the beauty of lush flora and fauna to life. It captures the beauty of nature in its most delicate forms. Free and unrestrained imagery of mother earth, beautifully composed with precious stones and diamonds. It heralds the bloom of spring and the beauty of summer. The fleeting change of seasons is materialized by BIJOUMONTRE through the unique Secret Charm Collection, enabling a woman to change her style with the seasons, as she sees fit.

Taking Mother Earth as a muse, the Secret Garden collection creates a dream of nature and fantasy of everlasting change. This collection is an outstanding example of BIJOUMONTRE’s craftsmanship, visible in each and every detail.

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