Xi Shi Lotus


15 in stock

Case Diametre



Swiss Quartz (RONDA 1042)


2 Hands


Stainless Steel Plated in RG, Set with 70 Natural Diamonds

Exchangeable Piece

Lotus Embroidery


Stainless Steel Plated in RG Color, Set with 1 Topaz Stone


White Mother-of-Pearl Set with 1 Natural Diamond



Bracelet / Strap

Brown Leather Strap

Water Resistant


Total Carats

71pcs. of Natural Diamonds (Appx. 0.35Cts), 1pc. of Natural Topaz Stone (Appx. 0.12Cts)

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With distinctive character, this year’s addition to the Secret Garden collection has an alterable source of admiration and vision. BIJOUMONTRE has been inspired by women from around the world ever since its beginnings. This new collection is surrounded by an aura exalted by four of the most outstanding women of ancient Chinese tales. Their appearance is said to have even challenged nature’s beauty itself.

The all-new Four Beauties Secret Garden Collection comes in a variety of styles, which are expressed by juxtaposing colors and materials. By fusing the art of Swiss horology with the traditional crafts of Chinese embroidery, each piece of this new collection nods to the timelessness of refinement and beauty.

Each of the four historic figures has a special bond with the flower beautifully gracing the watch dial of the respective watch. The symbolic value of the flowers is tied to the characteristics of its historic counterpart. The floral embroidery is exclusively created by one of China’s most renowned embroidery houses in Changsha. Hunan embroidery is particularly famous in embroidering with silk thread; each pattern having a high sense of reality.

Just like the beauty of flowers are not timeless, the lives of these four women may have faded in the endless tides of history, but the memory of their enchanting beauty has transcended time and is remembered never endingly.

The Secret Garden – Four Beauties collection honors women in all their brilliance, their braveness and their beauty, by revealing their incomparable identity, grace, glamour and charisma. Pushing the boundaries not only of design, this collection is also an ambassador for BIJOUMONTRE’s tenacious exploration into new materials.

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